IELTS in Chennai Welcomes you  to Mount College of Competitions  
The Mount College of Competitions is a fledgling institute for competitive examinations. The Institute was founded in the year 2010 by Professor K Selvaraj who had retired after several decades of meritorious service in the Government Colleges of the state. He is an expert in Linguistics Phonetics and English Language Teaching.
The institute aspires to prepare candidates for the Central and the State Civil Services, and Banking and Rail Way Services.We also provide counseling, guidance and training for Aptitude cum Eligibility tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, AND GMAT.
The primary objective of the Institute is to provide dependable guidance for candidates preparing for all the above said Examinations. We constantly endeavour to enhance the teaching learning process to enable the aspirants to realize their cherished dreams in life.
We have a regular teaching faculty that consists of retired Professors, Civil Service achievers and experts from reputed centres of learning. We also have a galaxy of guest experts on various subjects. To ensure quality these experts are routinely invited to give special lectures and guidance. We also make use of meritorious teachers from sister institutions.
We constantly endeavour to identify talent and the inherent potential in the students. Special sessions are organized to develop the personality of the participants and sharpen their administrative acumen. Still greater care is taken to instill a deep sense of citizenship in them so that they may take upon themselves the challenges of serving the nation.
We are also organizing a centre for correspondence education to prepare the reading materials for the correspondence courses. Great care is taken to prepare the study and guidance materials.
Great endings find their genesis in small beginnings. A single step begins the journey of a thousand miles. Rome was not built in a day. Small in number but united in action, slow but steady, deep rooted in determination the Mount College of Competitions marches on with courage, conviction and confidence.


This material has been prepared for students preparing for the IELTS test (The International English Language Testing System).The test is designed to assess the language skills of non-native speakers of English seeking to study or work in an English speaking country.

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About us


The Mount College of Competitions is a secular, self governing institution committed to the highest standards of education for men and women from all backgrounds. It is conceived as a no loss no gain institution for IAS and allied services, human resource and career development programmes.

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Director’s Message

‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’ is an oft repeated question asked of children from time immemorial. I think the key to the answer is to be open to new ideas. You must be in a state of constant readiness. You must be receptive to even the oddest thing that might come your way. My first piece of advice is to consider very carefully the opportunities and possibilities available before you. Consider what you can and cannot before settling down, opting for an opportunity or choosing a career.