The Mount College of Competitions is a secular, self governing institution committed to the highest standards of education for men and women from all backgrounds. It is conceived as a no loss no gain institution for IAS and allied services, human resource and career development programmes. It offers an affordable training programme for all these examinations. Regular and weekend coaching programmes are available for aspirants to various vocations. The aim of the college is to pursue excellence in education. It aims at acquiring a talented faculty and providing an environment conducive to enhance the teaching learning process.

Guided by such convictions, the Institute educates its students by confronting them with facts, real-life problems and situations. We make an honest attempt at inculcating in them a problem-solving approach. It offers a framework for helping the participants develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. It offers a programme of training; coaching and mentoring to enable them identify a career and enhance their performance.

The institute further aims at enhancing the employability of the participants by training them on various skills. It offers programmes to train and equip the participants with the skills necessary for a job in this complex technological age. The programme aims at enriching Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Team Skills, Motivation and Leadership Skills of the participants.  They are encouraged to explore, to solve problems, to break new grounds and to cultivate leadership qualities.

We at the Mount College lay emphasis on the training of the mind rather than stuffing it with an inert body of facts. We lay emphasis on expanding the imagination of the students and on widening the horizon.

We, in India, are at the moment, on the threshold of a major breakthrough in the socio political and techno-industrial fields. We need semi-skilled and skilled professionals, technocrats and administrators with the ability and the vision to lead the way. The college aims at producing such professionals and experts. It strives to recruit participants from the existing academic systems and train and retrain them.It constantly endeavours to inculcate and instil in them excellence in academics and a noble commitment to national ideals.

The Mount College of Competitions covers a wide variety of subjects and areas. Exams for the recruitment to the state and central civil services, banks, railways, entrance tests for various courses  and language tests   are but some of the areas in which we train the participants.To enable them achieve in these exams and tests, we conduct regular lectures and teaching sessions, debates, seminars, group discussions, mock interviews and personality and career development sessions

The Mission

The mission of the Mount College of Competitions is to advance education and learning by imparting the specific skills required to ensure success in competitive examinations, work environments and life situations.

Our mission is to help the participants who have not succeeded in the traditional school and college systems and prepare them for a competitive examination and a career and make them active citizens of this country.

Our mission is to help the students develop higher order thinking skills, peacemaking skills and leadership qualities in an environment of shared values of non- violence, unity and equalityity.

Our mission is to partner effectively with other centres and academic institutions and help the participants to be responsible citizens

Our vision:

Without a vision people perish:

Our vision is that the Mount College becomes a leading institution that encourages young people to strive to reach their full potential.

Our vision is that this institution is acknowledged as a centre of excellence in teaching learning and achieving.

Our vision is to create a nationally known centre of excellence for competitive examinations that produces major gains in the participants.

Our vision is to recruit even students who have not succeeded in the traditional school and college streams and help them prepare for competitive examinations, and face the challenges of life better

Aims and Objectives:

 The Mount College of Competitions aims at:

  • providing outstanding opportunities for men and women at the graduate and  undergraduate stages, in the development of their skills and talents and sharpening their competitive edge
  • being a forum to discuss and exchange views and ideas relating to education and its impact on the students and the society as a whole
  • popularising career and entrepreneurial opportunities through presentations, special lectures and seminars.
  • providing the best possible teaching learning experience to the participants empowering them with knowledge and problem solving skills
  • recruiting excellent teachers and experts to foster nurture and develop their career
  • granting a 50 percent scholarship to the economically weak and the meritorious participants
  • providing a comfortable staff student ratio, good library and IT provision and space
  • developing the inner potential of the students through debates, seminars and symposia

Value statement

The Mount College of Competitions affirms the importance of teaching and training interactions to enrich and enhance the human resource potential of the individual participant which would enable him to be effective and efficient on specific jobs and situations.

Philosophy of the Mount College of Competitions

The Mount College of Competitions is an institution:

  • Where Secular Christian values are cherished and maintained
  • Where each member of the college community is affirmed, valued and challenged
  • Where the students and staff are encouraged to strive for excellence in all areas of endeavour to the best of their ability and
  • Where young people are prepared for active and responsible participation in the community.